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Kansas Democratic Party chair speaks out against HB2260, criticizes Rep Jan Pauls
[ Posted Sunday Feb 26 2012, 8:20 am by Thomas Witt ]
[ Last Updated Tuesday Feb 28 2012, 3:25 pm ]

UPDATE 2/28/2012: Video of KDP Chair Joan Wagnon`s remarks: http://youtu.be/KjsA8YVPBuI

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Good morning KEC members, allies, and supporters -

Late yesterday afternoon, at the Kansas Democratic Party`s annual meeting, KDP Chair Joan Wagnon spoke out against HB2260.

Chair Wagnon`s remarks came at the close of the meeting of the state committee, and were made to a room packed with several hundred party delegates, elected officials, party staff, activists, and observers.

After briefing the assembly on the contents of HB2260, Wagnon solidly condemned its intent. Reading aloud from the Democratic Party platform, Wagnon pointed out that the Kansas Democratic Party believes in non-discrimination and equality for LGBT Kansans. She then made clear that HB2260 was in direct opposition to Democratic Party values, and criticized Rep. Jan Pauls (D-Hutchinson) for her vocal support for this horrible bill. Pauls was not present, but knew of Wagnon`s comments.

At the conclusion of her remarks, the entire assembly rose in a prolonged standing ovation. It was a moving demonstration of the Democratic Party`s support for LGBT equality.

Chair Wagnon deserves our thanks for her courage and her advocacy. There were those in the party who were opposed to her publicly addressing this issue, and who put a great deal of pressure on the party to have this not come before the annual meeting. Instead, Wagnon stood before the crowd, restated the Party`s principles, and made clear that party officials have some responsibility to uphold those principles.

Please write KDP Chair Joan Wagnon, and thank her for her support. Email is quick and easy, but sometimes a handwritten note carries more meaning.

Joan Wagnon, Chair
Kansas Democratic Party
PO Box 1914
Topeka, KS 66601

Email: joan@kansasdems.org

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